Where do you current offer your services?

We are currently in Philadelphia, PA. However, we are looking to expand to other states in the US and a few countries around the world.

What type of property do you manage?

We are currently managing single family and small multi. The goal is keep focusing on single family properties located on amazing areas and to expand to larger multi family.

What type of services do you offer?

We offer a "5 Step Conversion" package for investors who currently own rentals and want to start investing in short term rental. We also offer a "Lift" for those investors who already have short term rental, however the property is not performing as well as it could.

Does short term rental work on every property?

No. There is no secret that "location" is extremely important and its no different in the short term rental business. Guests want to be close to major attractions and desire to experience the hospitality of the best hotels in town. The property must offer great amenities and be well designed.

How profitable is the short term business?

Each property perform differently. Market + property location + amenities + high customer service management = profitability

How does the conversion process work?

5 Steps Conversion package tailored for Real Estate investors who currently own long term rentals.

Step 1: market analysis evaluation to determine if the property fits short-term rental requirements.

Step 2: TLC or heavy construction.

Step 3: furnish and assembly.

Step 4: creating and publishing the listing.

Step 5: creating experiences for guests and implementing systems to manage the property.

amenities + high customer service management = profitability

How much doe it cost?

Since we offer a conversion from market analysis to managing the property, the price varies depending on construction needed. Furnishing and assembly will also vary depending on property size.

We charge a management fee of 20% of rental amount guest paid (not including cleaning fee which is paid by the guest).

Is there any other chargers/fees?

Any maintenance or emergency repair cost will be the owners responsibility. We will facilitate the process and make sure issue is resolved promptly.

Groceries (coffee,condiments...) is not included on the management fee.

Regarding the cleaning fee. Its important to clarify that this cost is paid by the guests and it includes cleaning supplies.

How do you differentiate your services?

#1 My construction experience allows me to handle any type of project. Short term rental guests want to feel they are not in a rental, they want the amenities and customer services from the best hotels, and that is what we do.

#2 Regarding the management, we have a strict vetting process. We protect the investor's properties the same way we protect ours, so our systems allow us to rent for high quality guests and offer them a custom experience.

How do I get started?

You can send us a message from our Contact page or email me directly at andresa@themonarchexperience.com